3 Reasons Every Professional Lawyer Should Hire A Headhunter

Oftentimes, there is a disappointing difference between the talent that’s out there actively job-hunting and the talent a company needs. It takes time, effort, and money to recruit and find appropriate candidates to fill a position, especially at the higher levels of a company. For employers, headhunters bring reliability, trustworthiness, and simplicity to the job hunt. For job hunters, headhunters advance your career by putting you with the right firms from the beginning, based on your niche. Niche recruiters can be found by networking across your specialty in law, and letting others know what you are looking for – and that goes for both applicants and companies.

The Best Fit For The Job

The right headhunter agency should show reliability to both the company and the applicant, without compromising the needs of either. Very rarely do companies put their highest-ranking job openings onto a general search, because they want to open it up exclusively to top talent, and a good headhunter, like those at The Heller Group will not only sources people actively looking for a new job, but people who’ve had success in the profession and are keeping an eye out for a change of scenery. Part of the executive hunter’s job is to screen applicants and make sure that they are going to be a good fit for the role, otherwise both the applicant and company go back to square one.

Career Trajectory

A key reason every professional lawyer should hire a headhunter, is that regardless of whether you’re actively job searching, a headhunter will think about your career trajectory, take stock of your accomplishments and put you in the best place possible.


Trust is an essential part of a headhunter’s task. Candidates may submit a resume to the headhunter if they hear that they are looking to fill a certain position, trusting that it will go to the right people for their career. Companies mainly use headhunters when they cannot find the right person, and trust that they can find someone through a different channel. Since the roles are often high paying, the wrong person will cost the company a great deal more than just the headhunting fees, so if a headhunter has made a name for him- or herself, you can be rest assured that they did so by gaining trust.

It is much simpler for a law firm that lacks proper internal screening mechanisms to use a recruiting service to find candidates, if the internal or soft searches fail to come up with the right candidate. Not only does it save the firm money, it also saves time because the final candidate or choice of candidates will be presented to them along with resumes and recommendations. As an applicant, using a headhunter service simplifies the job or career change, by taking the guesswork out of the application process.

For both applicants and companies, headhunters advance your career by matching the right person for the right role within a new firm with a reliable, trustworthy and streamlined system that works for everyone.