8 Ways To Show Your Appreciation To Your Employees

Showing your appreciation for your employees is imperative in the workplace. It ensures that your employees know that they’re valued, and that their contributions mean something to the company. There are several ways to successfully show your appreciation to your employees, and in this article, you’ll find 8 examples.

  • Say thank you. The simplest way to praise your employee and show that you value their work is a simple, verbal, thank you. You don’t need to take an employee to the side to do this, but saying thank you to an individual, rather than to an entire room, makes a huge difference in how your appreciation is received.
  • Free food. Everyone appreciates free food, and in the workplace, where some of your employees may not have time to go out at lunch, or may not be able to afford something special, supplying a small lunch in the break room can really show your employees that you care about the effort that they’re making.

  • Money awards. Gift cards, vouchers, actual cash; these are good ways to say thank you for a job well done, or as an award for a small competition between employees. Competition in the workplace is healthy, and providing a cash prize is always a good incentive for workers to try harder than they usually do.
  • Showing that you know enough about your employees to know what they’d like as a gift shows that you really listen to them when they’re talking. The gesture of gift giving is always well received, and employees rarely expect something so heart-warming from an employer.

  • Like providing free food, which could be a simple endeavour like buying in bagels or doughnuts, a party would also be appreciated. Decorating the break room or the office, and putting out a spread of food that caters for all your employees would be a great way to show that you value the effort they’re putting into their work. It’s especially relevant around holidays, when it can be difficult for people to be at work all the time, when they’d rather be at home with their families.
  • Distracting employees from the monotonous day-to-day life of a 9-5 work pattern is much easier than one would think. Little surprises like shortened workdays, extra days off, paid training, and team challenges are all good ways to show that you support your team.

  • Host an event. Company events are always a popular solution, and employees appreciate being able to dress up or dress down for a party. This solution would also promote company engagement, and make your employees feel like they’re part of the team.
  • Days/nights out. Offer your employees the chance to go somewhere fun for the day, or the night. A company trip to the cinema, or a nearby theme park, is easy to organise, and a fun way for your employees to get to know each other outside of work.

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