A Guide to Creating a Short Promotional Film

We all see movies and commercials on a daily basis and for most of us, what goes on behind the scenes is a mystery. Making a short, 30-second TV commercial, for example, involves a huge amount of planning and preparation and next time you watch a feature film, take note of the end credits and you will begin to understand just what is involved. Of course, a short promotional video would not require the same level of manpower and resources, but nevertheless, even the shortest of productions demands a high level of preparation.

Define your Needs

Anyone who wishes to create a promotional video should ask themselves what exactly their objectives are. If the film is to promote a product or service then it must be aimed at the type of person who would be in the market for the said product. This means the concept needs to be suitable and this is something a video production company in Dubai, or anywhere else, would handle. Creativity is an essential component to a successful promotional video and by enlisting the help of an established production house, a concept can be created.

Professional Application

Due to the high cost of filming, it is essential to hire a reputable company to take care of the project. Typically, a video production company would have the knowledge and the resources to create a professional film that achieves the client’s objectives. Getting it wrong is simply not an option and there’s absolutely no room for error, which is why companies hire the best in the business when looking for promotional video content. The line between success and failure is very thin and you would be well-advised to consider the concept very carefully before proceeding any further.

Creative Team

The core of a successful production lies with the creative director and their team, who would be very experienced in creating quality video productions for their clients and it is their job to come up with a concept that is worthy of the content. Once a concept is agreed upon, the storyboard can be pieced together and this is the guide for the entire production. All the hard work is in the planning and preparation, which involves sourcing a location or studio, casting, costumes and of course, any props that might be required.

Shooting the Film

With everything in place, the actual shooting should go smoothly, especially is a leading production company is at the helm. More than enough footage would be required, as this gives the director more options and once the filming is complete, the post production team can begin their work.

Post Production

This is the magical time when all the raw footage is used to create the final product and with professional video editing, there’s no limit to what can be achieved. The latest versions of digital video editing software have all the tools necessary to put together a high quality film and by adding tracks at this stage, the film finally takes shape.

If you would like to explore the potential that a promotional film can offer, it is advisable to source a leading video production company and they would have the knowledge and resources to create something that will achieve the client’s goals.