Check These Five Facts For Hiring Office Cleaning Services!

Maintaining the premises of your business is a big chore that cannot be ignored. You need to provide a clean and well-maintained indoor environment to your staff, and at the same time, it’s important to ensure that your visitors and clients don’t get a bad impression on their first visit. However, when it comes to selecting a company for office cleaning Melbourne, most entrepreneurs and managers have their confusions. In this post, we have listed the aspects that need your immediate attention.

  • Check the important aspects. Is the company licensed? How do they hire their cleaners? Do they have bonded and insured staff? These are three important questions you need to ask in the first place. Steer clear of services that don’t offer the details of the staffing process or hire day laborers for the job.

  • Insurance is important. When you hire a commercial cleaning company, you are entrusting a big job. Workplace mishaps are not uncommon in the cleaning industry, and if the company is not insured, damages to the premises or office goods will be your liability. Also, their workers must be insured, or else, you have to deal with the medical and other bills.
  • Ask for a quote. You need to find a company that understands the needs of your business, and for that, they must check the work and offer a transparent estimate for the job. Seeking an estimate is extremely important. You don’t want to rely on verbal words, because hidden charges can be added later.
  • Know the work procedure. Cleaning companies typically do the job before or after the working hours of their client, so that business operations are not hampered. Talk to the concerned service about their approach to the work and how they plan to manage the different tasks related to the cleaning contract.

  • Find more about process. What kind of equipment and supplies do they use? Do they have a floor supervisor, who can answer your queries? How do they plan to deal with the complaints, if any? Can they use green cleaning products on request? These are some of the basic things you need to know.

When you hire commercial cleaners Melbourne, do ask them about the staff and team members. They should submit a list of their cleaners who are working at your premises, so that you know every person and staff personally. This will just help in preventing thefts and disputes later.