How to use Technology to Arrange a Social Outing

You know the holidays are upon us when you start seeing ads for the blockbuster movies that will be released at Christmas.  From Thanksgiving on, you can expect to see crowds lining up for hot new releases, some of which are getting phenomenal buzz.  It happens every year, but you can be ready this season by ordering tickets online through Fandango.  If you plan to see Blade Runner 2049, don’t wait to get tickets or you might find you and your crew standing in the aisles because you didn’t get tickets for the showing you wanted in time.  And don’t just make it a movie night, make it a dinner and a movie night.  That’s something you can do when you use a Groupon coupon code for a Fandango Dinner and a Movie gift card.  You can surprise your out of town guests, reward a dear friend or double date with your BFF and have it all arranged ahead of time.

And be sure to sign up for their email list so you can get alerts letting you know your tickets are ready.  How many times has a movie you really wanted to see come and gone because you didn’t remember which weekend it opened.  Life happens, we get distracted, but it’s no fun to be left out of the conversation when it’s about one of our favorite stars in a role you really wanted to see.  You can avoid that by using Fandango.  The have the latest information on what coming to over 26,000 screens across the country and provide access to tickets and entertainment to help you enjoy the movie going experience like never before.

For the cinephile on your list, you can make a big impression with a little gift card from Fandango.  Let them shop the fan gear on the site for Star Wars: The Last Jedi mementos.  Right now there’s an offer for a free poster with ticket purchase.  And there are other gift ideas you’ll find when you peruse the site.  Taking a post-Thanksgiving dinner stroll through the mall while you wait for your movie to begin has become a tradition as American as pumpkin pie.  Find out how you can get your piece of the pie for less dough by shopping for all your movie ticket needs this year on Fandango.