Make Shredding Easy Again

It may be summer in the city, but Toronto business owners know they can’t blame the season for any hiccoughs in security. While the city is celebrating the hot temps with Big on Bloor, Taste of the Danforth, and Carribana, you need to make sure you’re disposing of confidential documents properly. Rather than doing it yourself, consider the help from an on-site service. Here are the top 3 advantages to outsourcing your shredding to a mobile shredding service in the city.


Identity theft is one of the fastest growing non-violent crimes in the world. One of the easiest ways for criminals to pull off fraud is by getting their hands on physical documents that show contact and financial information. These criminals have no scruples and dig through commercial and residential garbage bins in Toronto to find these files.

As the number of victims grow, it becomes increasingly important to protect confidential material properly from dumpster divers. A reliable shredding company has its NAID certification. Standing for National Association for Information Destruction, this certification ensures its employees, equipment, and practices match or exceed the global destruction standards. When they shred any physical files you’re guaranteed their complete destruction.


In addition to being a necessary safety measure, commercial shredding can help you reorganize your office. When you hire a professional team of NAID-approved paper shredders, these experts will remove the shredded material from your place of business and deliver it to a secure recycling plant. They’ll leave behind a huge amount of space you can now use for other documents.

It will also help you reorganize the typical workday for your employees. Rather than relying on an employee to rid the office of these documents, a dedicated shredding team will be destroying your confidential files. This allows your employees to focus on the tasks they were actually hired to do.


In some cases, certain paper shredding Toronto businesses rely on will also offer recycling services. In the case of the shredding professionals at Absolute Destruction, their recycling includes clean and secure bins to collect unimportant paper, cardboard, and cans from the office. These containers get emptied at the same time they shred any confidential paper or electronics, so your commitment to the environment remains as convenient as possible for your company.

Paper shredding Toronto business owners trust is the whole package. Between recycling, organization, and security, the advantages to out-sourcing your office’s shredding outweigh the cost. Take the time this summer to check out when a shredding truck can come out your way.