The Beginners Guide To Understanding A Holding Company

You may be taking your first steps in the world of business and you need to have as much information as possible. The information is going to make the process clearer for you in terms that you will be able to understand completely.

1 – What Is This Type Of Company?

The holding company functions to own anything that has some value. This could be another smaller company. This could be the stocks of another smaller company. It may be the real estate of another company. This even extends to the trademarks and the patents of other, smaller companies.

2 – What Are The Powers Of This Type Of Company?

This company has a large amount of power. A board of directors will be selected for the holding company. These people have influence in company matters of the businesses that are controlled by the main holding company.

The simplest example to give of Swiss holding companies and their functions is that the directors at the top will be able to remove a manager who is not performing their job properly. They can also interject their opinion into the day-to-day running of these businesses.

The holding company is able to use the assets of the smaller companies so that it is going to be able to expand all of its operations.

3 – What Are The Advantages Of This Company?

This company makes it easier for people to own businesses, which is something that every single company director wants. There are many points to consider when setting up one of these companies, so it is a very good idea to get a professional to help you instead of trying to do everything by yourself.

4 – What Are The Regulations That Need To Be Followed?

Regulations need to be followed so that the holding company is never going to fall foul of the financial law. These regulations vary in different countries, so you will need to be aware if you are operating in Switzerland. A professional will sit you down and then they are going to methodically go through all of the regulations with you.

After The Holding Company Is In Operation

Once this company is in operation, it will allow you to control the activities of smaller subsidiary companies. You may need to hire a group of managers who will be able to oversee the performance of each individual company. These managers will then be able to report to you on a weekly or monthly basis.

You can choose to take an active role in the running of the companies that you are controlling. You may want to take a hands-off approach and leave everything to the managers who are overseeing the smaller businesses that you are in control of. The choice is ultimately going to be up to you.


You can control smaller companies through a holding company. You may want to have a “hands-on” or a “hands off” approach depending on your own style of management.